Galaxy j4+ and J6+ smartphones

Samsung Galaxy J6+ vs J4+ Size Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy J6+ and Galaxy J4+, or as their other alternate names J6+ J610 Duos and J4+ J415 Duos are both two entry-level Galaxy J smartphones in the Galaxy J series. The + sign means something. Those two phones come with a big 6-inch display. They are both identical in size. In fact, they are almost exactly the same phones, except that the J6+ comes with more RAM (3GB), better front camera and has a dual camera system at the back of the phone.

Galaxy J6+ and J4+ size comparison

Both the J4+ and J6+ are slim, with only 7.9mm / 0.3-inch depth. They are both taller than the Apple iPhone XS Max, although having an even smaller screen size of 6-inch compared to 6.5-inch of the iPhone XS Max. This clearly shows what makes a premium phone like the iPhone XS Max "premium". The J4+ and J6+ both have relatively thick top and bottom bezels, which is what makes them taller than the XS Max. Just for comparison (what we do here), the Galaxy J6+ is 0.5mm (0.02-in) narrower, and 3.9mm (0.15-in) taller than the Apple iPhone XS Max. All these phones, the J6+, J4+, and XS Max have the same exact depth of 7.9mm (0.3 in).

That 3.9mm extra height isn't a big deal of course, but the main thing to note here is the screen size relative to the phone's dimension (screen-aspect-ratio). With the iPhone XS Max, you get a larger screen with a smaller phone, compared to the J6+ and J4+ where you get a larger smartphone with a smaller screen. Obviously, those two devices are far from competing against each other, the iPhone XS Max is a premium high-end smartphone with its 512GB version storage that costs $1,449, whether the J4+ Duos priced at 189,00 Euros and J6+ Duos priced at 239,00 Euros on the website.

I am here not to talk about the hardware specs, but about the overall design features. By the way, I've seen phones with thicker bezels than this. The top bezel size is around that of the Galaxy J6 that was announced on May 21, 2018. The Galaxy J4 that was announced at the same date has much thicker bezels.

Just for comparison, the Galaxy J4 (not the plus version) has a 5.5-inch display and it's 0.3mm wider, 9.7mm shorter and 0.2mm thicker than the J4+ Duos smartphone. The J6 (non plus version) is 6.7mm narrower, 12.1mm shorter and 0.3mm thicker than the Galaxy J6+ duos. You can compare all those 5 phones using our tool here.

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