Order phones by width, height, depth and screen size

Order and Compare Mobiles by Specific Specifications

Today I've added a new sorting feature to Phone Sized, which allows you to sort the mobile devices based by several key specifications, including base on the device height, width, depth (thickness), weight, screen size, and its announced date, both in either a descending or ascending order.

This is a must-have feature because it allows you to quickly asses the size differences between all of the devices you are comparing. It's like giving an answer to those questions: "Which phones is the smallest of all of this phones?", "Which phone is the slimmest among all of these phones?", etc. By default, the mobile devices are arranged in the way you insert them to the page. For example, if you inserted the iPhone XS Max and then the Note 9 they will appear in that order, with the iPhone XS Max appearing first and then the Galaxy Note9. This isn't important when comparing two devices, but once you start comparing more devices, you'll find this sorting option very handy.

Here is an example, a screenshot I took, showing 10 phones, including the Honor 8X Max, honor 8X, Vivo X23, iPhone XS Max, Oppo A7x, Vivo Y97, Vivo V11, iPhone XR, Nubia Z18, and iPhone XS - all arranged by their height from the tallest to the smallest.

phones ordered by their height from the tallests to the smallest

Once you arrange the devices when you share the comparison, it will maintain that order as well. I personally find it very useful when comparing many devices after clicking the "compare all of these devices" link in the phone specs charts section, where it gives you the option to quickly compare 10 devices all at once, the top ten in each category.

Another neat feature that I think you will find useful. There are many more cool features to come, so stay tuned. I will announce them here on this blog, as well as on Twitter and Facebook account (check out the footer of this page for links to those social media accounts).