Honor 8X Max and 8X smartphones

Honor 8X Max Massive Screen, Superb for Gaming

I've taken a quick look at our phone charts. The Honor 8X Max, at least based on all the devices listed on our website, has the largest display, a massive 7.12-inch screen with 2244x1080 pixel resolution.

Based on this comparison of the phones with the largest screens (those listed on our website), the honor 8X Max comes first, followed by yet another honor phone, the honor Note 10 (6.95-inch), Xiaomi Mi Max 3 (6.90-inch), and Vivo NEX S with 6.59-inch display and there are more of course.

When you look at those phones, you think that honor is trying to touch the tablet segment. The main design difference between this and the average standard 7" tablet is that this phone has relatively very thin bezels. If it didn't have slim bezels, it would be a much less attractive device. By the way, The honor 8X is much small than the 8X Max, 17.2 mm / 0.68 inch shorter to be exact. It's also 9.7mm / 0.38 inch narrower and 0.3mm thinner than its bigger brother, the 8X Max.

Here, take a look at the Honor 8X Max vs 8X side by side size comparison.

Honor 8X Max and 8X side by side size comparison

I love how the honor 8X Max looks. It is a huge device, but due to its edge-to-edge design, it still maintains a relatively decent size to make it comfortable to hold with one hand, but this is the type of device that you'll be operating with two hands, not one.

I've seen some video reviews of this phone and it's really not as big as you might think. The huge 7.12-inch screen is superb for gaming, like having your own pocket-size Nintendo Switch in your pocket. Just imagine playing Fortnite Battle Royale on this big baby, oh my, it's going to be a blast. The same goes for all other consumable media like browsing the web, viewing photos, watching videos, browsing the web—everything should be way better on this massive screen.

Another thing I liked about the honor 8X Max design is its tiny notch at the top of the screen. Unlike the iPhone XS Max that has a big notch at the top, the 8X Max hosts only the front camera, nothing more. Of course, this means that it lacks many of the advanced functionality of the iPhone. The iPhone XS Max notch, just so you know, includes an infrared camera, flood illuminator, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, speaker, microphone, front camera, and dot projector. Obviously, Apple had to put those somewhere. It could put it above the screen, but that would lead to a taller phone and ugly-looking top bezel, and who wants that?

So if you go with the Honor 8X Max, just so you know that it is a big device, and it probably won't fit into some pants' pockets. However, in return, you'll enjoy an amazing close-to-tablet viewing experience, something that is hard to tell about many of the phones on the market.