Moto G7

Motorola Moto G7 Design Opinion based on Leaked Images

The Motorola Moto G7 (based on the leaked images) is one of those phones that you cannot be mistaken for not knowing its manufacturer. Motorola has its own unique design signature and I do appreciate them doing that in times many phone manufacturers seem like just copying the iPhone X design.

The front of the phone looks unique as well. The phone does have a notch, but it's among the smallest out there; similar to that of the upcoming OnePlus 6T phone. It only hosts the selfie camera module and nothing more.

The phone still has a relatively large bottom chin, but due to the prominently rounded corners of the phone and the screen, it seems less prominent compared to the Nokia 7.1 one. The phone looks more rounded than most of the phones that I've seen. The border-radius is larger than other phones, which give the phone a sleek modern look, although some people prefer having more rough squar-ish edges. If you want my opinion, I prefer this design because it makes the phone much more comfortable to hold when holding the device horizontally like when playing games or watching videos in landscape orientation. So this design has an ergonomic value, it's not just that Motorola wanted to make it look different from the rest.

Still, the bezels, based on the leaked images, look quite thick which might impair the overall sleek look of the device when you see it from the front.

Even the top notch edges are rounded, unlike some phones where the edges are straight. That makes the notch appear like it the edges and the notch itself is beautifully wrapping the screen rather than seem like they are stuck there for no reason. The design looks more futuristic lie that, at least in my opinion.

The back of the Motorola G6 is curved at the edge and it hosts dual cameras that reside in a circular compartment, yes again, keeping everything with a rounded appearance.

I personally prefer even phone design, where the bezels' thickness is evenly distributed around the phone and not having some parts appear thick and others slim (like the Nokia 7.1). However, in this case, no matter what reason Motorola had to leave a thicker chin, the device still looks really nice from the front.

Overall, Motorola does get a high score for an original edge-to-edge phone design.

Keep in mind that the design analysis is based on the Motorola Moto G7 press leaked images as released on the media. The Moto G7 might have a different design than that, and I will share my final analysis when the device is officially announced.