Nokia 7.1 bezel

Nokia 7.1 Front side Looks a bit Ugly

Overall I don't think the design of the Nokia 7.1 is bad, it's good but there things that I don't like about it. When you look at the Nokia 1 from the front, it looks like a phone who hasn't decided yet if it wants to look modern or not. That big bottom bezel is the reason I am saying that.

Look at the iPhone XS for example. You can see that although the iPhone X bezels aren't so slim, the design looks very symmetrical. Now look at the Nokia 7.1, you can see that although the top, left an right bezels are slimmer and quite even, the bottom make kills its sleekness.

Here is an image showing the Nokia 7.1 and iPhone XS side by side.

Nokia 7.1 and iPhone XS side by side

This eliminates the edge-to-edge look. This is similar to Sony Xperia smartphones. They have a gorgeous display, small size bezels but the bottom and/or top bezels are huge.

I'm sure there will be some Nokia fans who will be disappointed because of that, some, of course, wouldn't care less.

Now the same thing I can say for the Notch. I have the OnePlus 6, and I got used to the notch. I can hide it using the black color at the top using an option in the settings, but I didn't do it. The reason I didn't do it because I want to enjoy the largest screen as possible, and when I use a black strip, it makes the phone looks less symmetrical and the screen smaller.

Having said that, the thing is that with the Nokia 7.1, you have that big bottom bezel and that awkwardly position notch on the screen, so the overall look of the phone, when viewed from the front doesn't look that attractive.

The back of the phone is a completely different story, it looks gorgeous and better than many other Android phones, it's just that the front, something just feels messy and this is why I didn't like it so much.