LG V40 ThinQ vs V30S and V35: Design & Size Comparison

LG V40 ThinQ vs V30S and V35: Design & Size Comparison

LG V40 ThinQ announced yesterday, October 3rd, 2018. The new V40 ThinQ is significantly taller than the V30 ThinQ and V30S ThinQ. The new model features a large 6.4-inch display compared to the 6.0" of the V35/V30S.

LG V40 ThinQ vs V30S, V35 side by side

You can tap the image above to view the comparison in our online phone size comparison tool.

The V35 and V30S are identical in size. The V40 ThinQ is 0.3mm wider, 7.1mm taller and 0.3mm thicker compared to either of V35 or V30S.

The new LG V40 also carries a new design. This new Android phone is larger but has thinner bezels. The side bezels look only slightly less small than the V30S/V35 but the top and bottom bezels different is much more prominent. Overall the new phone looks sleeker and nicer when looking at it from the front.

LG LG V40 also joins the list of Android phones that have a notch, unlike the V35/V30S that lack that notch. At the back, we can see that the V40 ThinQ features three cameras (regular, ultra-wide angle, zoom) that are arranged horizontally side by side with a fingerprint reader below the camera, with good enough distance so you won't smudge them while trying to unlock your phone. The LED flash is on the right side of the cameras.

Overall, it's a nice looking phone. The notch is pretty small and the bezels are ultra slim. It's an elegant and sleek phone in my opinion. LG has done a good job in terms of the phone's design.