iPhone XR Bezels thickness

iPhone XR Size and Bezel Thickness vs iPhone X, XS and XS Max

The iPhone XR is the cheapest offering of those three new iPhones that were announced by Apple, which includes alongside the XR, the XS, and the XS Max. The iPhone XR prices at $749 (64GB), which is $250 less than the 64GB iPhone XS and $350 than the iPhone XS Max (64GB). That aside, let's take a look at the XR size and design compared to the other iPhones.

The iPhone XS is identical to the iPhone X in terms of design and size. The iPhone XR is 4.8mm wider, 7.3mm taller and 0.6mm thicker than both the X and XS. In terms of dimensions, it sits between the X/XS and the XS Max. It is 1.7mm narrower, 6.6mm shorter and 0.4mm thicker than the XS Max.

In terms of the iPhone XR bezel thickness versus the XS, XS Max and X. This is an interesting one. Take a look at this image that compared the thickness of the bezels of all four phones: iPhone XS / X / XS and XR.

iPhone XR bezel thickness compared to X, XS and XS Max

So let's see what this means. The XR, based on my measurements, has the thickest side bezels among the four phones. I measured the side bezels, but because the bezels are unified on all iPhones, the same is for the top and bottom bezels as well.

The XS Max comes second in terms of thickness, and then the X and XS both have the same bezel border thickness, slimmer than the other phones. The difference between the XR and the other phones is quite significant, I mean, much more compared to the difference between the XS Max and the X/XS one.

Is it a big deal? of course not, but you get what you paid for, right? It does look less sleek than the other iPhones, and those bezels do impair the nice edge-to-edge look compare to the other phones. Again, it's not a huge difference, but it is visible.

The thing is that because of its unified edges all around the phone, the phone does look nice. I prefer it better than having a big chin and a thin top, like some other Android smartphones.

You can clearly tell that the XR is a less expensive offering by just looking at it near the iPhone X and XS. It does have a slightly larger display though.