How to use this Phone Comparison Tool?

Adding devices — First, add one or more mobile devices by typing the device name in the search section, click its name to add it to the page. You can click the 'X' button to remove a device. The device name appears on the left side of the device itself.

Choose side view — Choose the side you want to view the device from the drop-down list: Front, Rear, Right or Left. If there isn't an image for that specific side, a contour version will appear.

Resizing the devices — Use the slider widget to resize the mobile device sizes. If some devices appear outside the screen's boundaries, you can swipe or use the left/right arrows to scroll and view the hidden devices.

Display options — Choose the 'Outline' option to view the mobile devices in their bordered form, without images. Useful when comparing several devices in the 'Overlay' display mode. The 'Overlay' mode puts all the devices stacked one on top of the other.

View the actual size of a device — Choose the card object to see how the devices are compared to a standard ID-1 bank card. You can drag the card around using your finger (on mobile) or mouse (on a desktop). You can align the size versus a physical card to view the actual size of the devices. When you do that because the card will be in the same size as the physical card, the other devices will also be resized relatively, so they will resemble their actual size, more or less.

Viewing the phone's actual size

Comparing two devices — You can compare two or more devices to get a written information about the relative size differences based on which device you chose first. This includes the difference in height, width, and depth, in both millimeters, inches, and percentage, as well as in a more descriptive manner (e.g. shorter, narrower, thicker, taller, etc.).

Sharing a specific comparison — You can share a specific comparison after choosing two or more devices. Once you do that, a "Share this comparison" link will appear at the top of the page near the search section. Click it, and a window will appear, showing you a short URL. This URL will lead other users who click it, to this exact same comparison you are currently viewing yourself. Share this link on social media, forums, chats or anywhere where you want to discuss the sizes of mobile devices with other people.

Enjoy using this website.