About Phone Sized Website

I developed Phone Sized website with a goal in mind. As a person who does most of his shopping online, I found myself always wanting to get a better "feel" of the products I plan to purchase, For many products, size does matter. So for the same purpose, I've decided to make this website, to make it possible for any purpose, to compare mobile phone and tablet sizes.

Why Size Matters?

Sometimes people want to see how a specific mobile device is compared to another device they consider buying, or they just want to better perceive the actual size of the mobile device; depends on what you are looking for. However, the relative size isn't the only reason people are looking to compare the size of products, some want to see the actual size.

Viewing the Actual Size of a Mobile Device

Seeing the actual size of the product is obviously limited to certain products, especially when you are looking at it on a screen. Using this cellphone and tablet comparison tool, you will be able to do just that. Having said that, although you will be able to observe the actual size, for some mobile devices, you'll need to scroll if your screen is too small to include its full image size.

The way it works is quite simple. You click the credit card object checkbox, align a real standard bank card, resize the image of the card so it matches your card, and now you get the devices in their actual real-life size. I've added many more features so you can get an even better understanding of the dimensions of the products, especially when quite a few of them.

A Useful Tool for Online Shoppers

The best way to conceive a size of a phone is physically holding it in your hand, but this is something that you can do only when going to a local shop. Of course, some people prefer ordering a phone from the convenience of their home. Sometimes a particular phone model isn't available in their country or area where they live. There are many other reasons of course, but the bottom line is that such a tool is useful as part of the buying decision process for many people.

A Phablet isn't a Phablet Anymore, Size-wise

I personally prefer having a small cell phone, one that I can easily operate with one hand then going with those large 6-inch phablets. However, in recent years we've seen technology improved, and now there phones with a large display but with edge-to-edge design, which allows phone manufacturers to build even smaller phones. What was conceived as a phablet, is just another average-sized phone. Even Apple, in its keynote events, when launching a new iPhone, enjoys talking and showing how the new devices are compared to older devices in terms of size.

Useful Comparison Features & Slick Website Design

One way to do it is by showing the phones side by side—using Phone Sized you can do just that. However, sometimes you get a better feel of the size by putting one device on top of another—we support that viewing option as well. In fact, you can pile up many devices, not just two, so you can compare several different models side by side. For example, comparing the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR side by side to get a clear understanding of how they vary, not just in terms of size, but look and feel.

Phone Sized, Phone Size Comparison tool screenshot

This is another reason why I put a great deal of effort into designing a sleek website with a minimalistic user interface (UI). I wanted to make sure each device pop and let the colors of the devices shine through. The best way to do it is positioned it in a clean very bright room, but this is the web, so I needed to design it to feel like one. I've also added nice reflections to give a better sense of the dimensions, physicality, and ubiquity when viewing images of mobile devices on your screen.

As of the time of writing, there are a decent amount of features you can play with, each one designed to help you get a good comprehension of the mobile device's size and feels. You can view it from different sides, compare two devices substracted size difference written information, compare it to an image of a real-world object, and more. I have many more ideas which I plan to develop and add to this website to make comparing mobile devices even more useful, fun and exciting.

Optimized for Mobile Browsing

I previously developed a similar website, years back, but it was for desktop browsing. Now owning an iPhone and an iPad, I tried the old website and the experience was bad, to say the least, especially considering that this is a website about mobile devices. Well, it was a long time ago, but I've decided to put effort and redesign it from the ground up for mobile browsing. I tested it and it worked beautifully, even on my "tiny" iPhone 5S. It was then that I knew I nailed it right. Of course, this phone size comparison tool is best viewed on large screens, like the Samsung Galaxy Note9, iPhone XS, iPad, and other smartphones and tablets with a large display.

I do hope you will find this mobile device size comparison online utility useful as I do. I use it myself when new devices come out. It gives me a better understanding of that particular new device look-and-feel, something that sometimes just a single image can't convey.

Comparison Sharing

Another important aspect of the website is to allow users to share specific comparisons. When I view a comparison, sometimes I want to share it with others. This is why I have added an option to share a specific comparison, which becomes active when you add two or more mobile devices to the page. In one click, you get a short URL (I am using Bit.ly short URL service), and you can share it in forums, social media, email, messaging apps, etc. When a user clicks on that link, he will be directed to that same exact page you are viewing the comparison, including the same UI language and the same devices as they appear when you have seen it.

That's It!

That's it. I hope you learned more about the reasons why I've spent many hours to make this little website and why I am passionate about it. There is more to come, so don't forget to follow me on my social media, like on Twitter and Facebook. This way, you will be notified when I add new mobile devices to the site and be among the first to hear about new features. Enjoy the website and most importantly, have fun!

Contact information: Twitter, Facebook and email at admin@phonesized.com.